Level Up Your Game

How are you sleeping lately? Are you finding time to stay active? You may find that your daily step count isn’t what it was two months ago – we certainly know ours is different. The EVŌ Team has been thinking of how to evolve a competition for today’s challenges, and this week we rolled out a new EVŌ competition!

Why a Competition Now?

A competition right now may sound odd. We’re heard from our users, and we are grappling with the same issues: My gym is closed. My recreation league sport or that race I wanted to do is cancelled. I’m working from home, so I’m not getting in as many steps as I usually do. I’m juggling work, kids, chores, and finding some peace and downtime is too difficult to add in activity. I don’t know where to start.

We hear you, and the EVŌ data tells the same story.

Shake It Up

The EVŌ Level-Up Challenge doesn’t just reward participants for having the highest average steps. Today, more than ever, it’s not about being better than everyone. It’s about making the small changes to keep making forward progress and keeping some consistency in our lives when everything seems to be changing around us. We know competing at your highest level is just not possible right now, so we are rewarding and encouraging you through points. Make the small changes each day to take a few more steps, meet your EVŌ Steps Goal, get quality sleep, and level up your game with bonus points.

How you can earn your EVŌ points:


The EVŌ Team reviewed the changes to our users’ activity and sleep patterns from the last six weeks, and came up with the point structured competition based on what EVŌ participants are doing today. We’re all finding unique ways to stay active including:

  • Walking with family or friends (at a safe distance) before the work day
  • Checking out that online exercise/yoga/cycling class you wanted to make time for before. Maybe it’s time to try Zumba Zoom!
  • Taking breaks during work and around lunch for a quick stroll or to climb our stairs.
  • Making time for a walk or bike ride after dinner.
  • Taking advantage of the weather getting warmer to do some gardening or landscaping.

EVŌ is Always the Power of You

EVŌ is uniquely you! Every week EVŌ reviews the goals you met (and did not meet) for Steps, Exercise, and Sleep and adjusts your EVŌ new goals based on what your last week looked like. We’ve all had a chance to settle into new patterns, and EVŌ has adjusted your goals accordingly. Your EVŌ Up points are attainable and an easy way to check yourself each day to make sure you’re hitting your realistic goal for today and tomorrow.

Don’t Snooze On Getting Enough Sleep!

Activity as part of your regular routine can contribute to more restful sleep and increase deep sleep – the most physically restorative sleep phase. I know I’m guilty of it, but let’s remind ourselves of how to structure the time right before sleep to make sure we’re getting quality sleep.

I’ll raise my hand and admit I’ve abandoned these rules in the last few weeks. Alcohol, boredom night snacking, online shopping, making lists and lists in my head, and too much streaming TV before bed is making my nights later, and it’s harder to fall asleep. We can’t change overnight, but start off by thinking of one habit you’d like to break before bed to help you sleep better. Try to aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.  EVŌ will reward you with Sleep It points, but sticking to the routine will add benefits throughout the weeks ahead.

Who Wants A Delicious Reward?

It’s not a secret that meal kit services are in high demand right now. We’re all looking for easy to prepare meals and healthy options to have fresh meals delivered right to our homes with minimal contact. Cooking is a wonderful way to connect to the ones we love at home with an activity everyone can help with. We’re offering to our 1st and 2nd place winners a Blue Apron E-Gift Card for topping the leaderboard!*

Tell us what you think of the new EVŌ competition, and how you’re working to stay active! Click for more details on the EVŌ Level Up Competition .

Be Well and EVŌ On! #EVO

-Carrie Baum
Sr. Director of Product Development




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