Be a Work Week Warrior: Make Time For Activity

Take a moment and think about what you’ve accomplished in the last 4-5 weeks. Your list might include:

  1. Got set up to work from home.
  2. Kids set up with distance learning.
  3. Figured out how to get groceries safely.
  4. Meal planning so you’re making sure you have the groceries you need.
  5. Finding supplies to keep you safe.
  6. Checking on friends and loved ones.
  7. Finding ways to celebrate birthdays and holidays while at home.

That seems like a small list, but a lot went into each item. Did you make time for yourself? Make time now to focus on what you need to do to keep your body and mind healthy. Let’s start adding back in activity into our daily lives.

Your Commute, Re-imagined

One tip we’ve mentioned in our recent EVŌ Insider posts is to find your groove each day that makes you the most productive for work. This is typically settling into a routine each morning that tells yourself it’s work time.

Try getting in activity in the morning before the work day starts. This allows you to get your workout clothes on before starting work and fits in nicely to then shower up and start your work after you’re done. Think of this morning activity as your commute. It’s a nice delineation in the morning between waking up and diving into your Inbox.

Each morning I try to make time for a walk inside of my neighborhood. I do this with my family, as it helps keep the kids active and we all get some energy out before we start our work and distance learning day. I know that not everyone lives in an area where outdoor walks are allowed, but now is time to get creative! On one of our walks we saw a neighbor with five other people, at a very safe distance, doing a rotational workout with different stations set apart to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Look for an activity that can be tailored for your situation, and ask friends and family what they are doing. You might get some great ideas!

Passive Activity – Getting Sneaky With It

Try standing up during your meetings. Do a few meetings while standing or even walk around during the call if you have a wireless headset. You’ll be surprised how many steps get logged by just standing, swaying, marching, or pacing your way through a meeting.

Try sitting on a stability ball while working or during a meeting to help strengthen your core.

Find time to work while standing. I don’t have a standing desk, but I’ve moved my laptop to a kitchen counter and worked while standing to help reduce the amount of time I’m sitting. Your back will thank you for this, too!

Munch Time Can Be Your Crunch Time

One thing you may be missing is the social side of the office: Walks with coworkers or friends to your favorite lunch spot, or congregating in a break room with coworkers while you eat something you brought from home. The important part about that time is that it was social, connected, and a shared moment away from work. We can still make time to keep lunch social!

  • Make an appointment for YOU with a quick walk during lunch.
  • Schedule a friends lunch with a purpose. Start with some light yoga or stretching while catching up with friends on video. Finish your “meeting” by having a virtual lunch. It’s the Friendsgiving that gives you time to step away from work, connect with others, move your body, and actually make a point of eating a meal rather than grazing all day while you work.
  • Meditate to reduce stress. Getting steps in is great, but sometimes our body just needs to take a deep breath in…. deep breath out. Find time to walk away from your work and breathe.

Pick 5 for 5

When things get chaotic, I find calm in having a plan. In my house we usually meal plan our dinners mostly to stay on budget, reduce cravings or eating things out of convenience, and make dinner time easier (nothing to think about when it’s already decided and on a list!). Try also budgeting your activity for the day – Plan It & Pick It.

Pick 5 exercises you want to do each day for 5 minutes each. Start the day by writing down which ones you want to do, and set a time for each one. I’ve gone as far as adding a 5 minute meeting on my calendar so I get a reminder a few minutes before and have enough time to put the pause button on what I’m working on. Here are some easy exercises that get your heart rate up:

  1. Shadow Boxing
  2. Lunges
  3. Planks
  4. Stretching
  5. Jumping Jacks
  6. Calf Raises
  7. Resistance Band Exercises
  8. Stair Climbing
  9. Wall Sits
  10. Dance Party
  11. Pushups
  12. Squats
  13. Pretend Jump Rope

Be sure to grab a glass of water after each activity. This is another easy way to make sure you’re staying hydrated. An 8 oz glass of water after each Pick 5 activity can get you to 40 oz for the day!

We’ll All Float On

There is no perfect solution, and we’re all trying our best. I’ll be honest and say there were three days last week where I just wasn’t into it. I planned my activity, I sighed, decided another cup of coffee was more important, and I skipped my morning walk. Success isn’t doing everything you’re supposed to do each day; It’s waking up and knowing you’re going to tackle the day regardless of what’s in front of you. These are still new routines for us all, and each week seems different from the last. However, let’s flip the script a little and know that we are more in charge than we feel we are right now. Making a plan to control my daily activity makes me feel more in control. Try it for one week and see how you feel on the other side!

Be Well and EVŌ On! #EVO

-Carrie Baum
Sr. Director of Product Development




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